~Stories and Poems~

In The Valley

Be Happy

Autumn Cozy Days

A Safe Place

Beautiful Reminder

United In Prayer

Season's of a Lifetime

Color of Friendship

Old Man & the Sea

Butterfly Kisses

A Mother's Walk

Human Recall


Circle Of Love

Fairy Mother

Chocolate Factory

Country Life

A Mother's Prayer

Color of Love

True Words

Surfin Granny

Battle of the Flag

I Believe

Women's Stress Diet

Dirt Roads

Together Forever

One Thing Never Forget

Tips of Lifetime

The Other WOMAN

My Computer Prayer

Just A Breath Away

I Got Your Back

My Best Day

Beneath The Sea

Tiger Gentle Power

Magic of Sunset

Who Will Take Grandma?

Sisterhood B-Day

What Cancer Cannot Do

Remember Me

Do Not Forward

Good Old Days

Colors of My Life

Bridge Troubled Waters

A Place Called Love

Get Well Soon

Teach The World

Raindrop Reflections

Weathered Old Barn

Somebody Cares

Standout From The Rest

I'm Growing Old

Scent of God

Through My Window

Letter From Heaven

House Of Faith

Keystrokes From Wanda

Thank A Teacher

In The Morning Light

The Girl I Used To Be

Today ~ I Wish You

Roses For Rose

Waiting For You

Country Girl

Touch Me Softly

Fields Of Blessings

One That Got Away



Until They Come HOME

Some Gave All

A Common Soldier

Happy Birthday

Happy Anniversary

Grandma's Helpers

Moonlight In Autumn

Simple Things

Thought I Wasn't Looking

What Is A Veteran

Until You Return

Winter's Gentle Blanket

OH Nooooo!

Through The Storm

I'm Fine..How Are You?

Who Lives Alone

Moments In Life

Don't Miss The Rainbow

I Remember When...

Gentle Memories

Trip Into The Past

A World Of Beauty

Reliving Memories

I Miss You Daddy

Happy Birthday

Those Less Fortunate

Days Gone By

Daily Blessings


Friend Until The End

Fighting The Flames

Island Dreams

Wind Beneath My Wings

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

In Times Of Sorrow

Life's Simple Pleasure

The Lonely Road

From My Heart

You Raise Me Up

Against The Storm

Thinking of You

Sentiments of the Heart

The Rainbow Bridge

Somewhere In Time

My Beautiful Bouquet

Friendship JOY

My Heart My Home

Romantic Reflection

I'm Already Home

Life's Losses

Beyond The Sunset

My Song Of Love

A Fading Flower

A Story Worth Sharing

My Mamma's Prayers

I Love You Mother

America, Why I Love Her

Proud To Be An American

Memories - The Passing Years

I'm Already There

Not Forget the Flowers

Nobody's Darling But Mine

The Window Through Which We Look

Across The Bridge

Thanks For The Memories

Waves of Tranquility

Just Think...


The Good Old Days

Roses For Mama

Twinkies and Rootbeer

Knowing You'll Be There

Forever Kind Of Friends

Happy Birthday (Violets)

The Road Less Traveled

Don't Mess With Old People

Winter Song

Autumn Desert

Come and Rest

Standing Guard

The Dash

Always Desire

The Threads You Use

A Tribute to WW2 Veterans

A Mother's Love

The Story of Pearls

The Starfish

The Trouble Tree

The Two Frogs

Letting Go